Sleep paralysis

I was just closing my eyes and resting. Not even sleeping. And suddenly had this weird dream where i ordered mac and my house was so dark and i felt an eerie presence so i was on the phone and the phone line cut so i kept it down and there was a call so i pick up it was a service provider talking. I didn’t reply but i was listening to it. Suddenly the line cut again, i kept the phone down and it continud again. It rang. I picked up, service provider talking and i fall asleep on the phone. Suddenly i woke up cuz i felt there was a knock on the door thinking my mac arrived and i slept for too long. So i went out to the hall and it was dark and while walking towards the door i felt some evil spirit behind me and when i looked behind it was all blury and i started to panic and reach for the knob. The minute i reach the door knob, i felt something hold my neck and push me to the side.

And now coming back to reality, i know i wasn’t sleeping, so i wanted to get up and now, everything went blank. The dream was no longer there. All black. I couldn’t open my eyes, move a inch or feel myself. I felt this pressure on me and i felt numb. I was breathless and i thought i was going to die but this is the part i remember what my cellgroup leader said and i spoke to my soul that i am washed in the blood of Jesus and i could open my eyes.

It was so scary.

Saturday 18 october 2014 1:43am


We feel lost, lonely. Mad at people from the past that you know you will never meet again. Your mind simply haze everywhere. You get mad about things you did in your past.

Hold up.

Don’t you just sit back sometimes and feel “Damn, ain’t no point talking about my past, its not going to get me anywhere”. Yes. That’s true. No where. Your past made you the person you are . You feel that you’re weak but you are not. Really, every mistake is a lesson learned so you’re stronger.

If you feel you’re doing the same mistake again, its no longer a mistake. It’s a choice.

God gave you this life cuz He knows you’re strong enough to live it.

Aye. Everyone is a sinner. Everyone sins. Don’t feel left out. There’s always a way out for this.

Take a step back, listen to beat, don’t lose hope cuz you’re winning.

That’s right. You’re borned to win. The difference is, some born in a rich family, some average, some poor.

To live is to climb the ladder to the possible heights that you never thought you would be able to reach & you’re right. I’m talking about Faith.

Live your life.

You’re beautiful.

Inner beauty is what counts.

Don’t care about the haters.

People will be keep talking! FOREVER.

Let it be.

Even if you want to die because of their words, you go down the grave alone. Not with the people who is the reason for your death.

They will live happily and you wanna end your life cuz of them? When they will continue their life like nothing happen. You want them to live in guilt when there is a lot of ungrateful people in this world?

Stop Joking and start loving.

Someday. Things would be better.

1st ever post. Sunday 12october 3.26am.


With Love,